CM-6 & CM-Flex

CM-6 & CM-Flex

Check out our CM6 and its FLEXible options

For heavy load and industrial or mission-critical applications, Coyle is pleased to offer our time-tested CM-6 and CM-Flex trailer units. These mobile power solutions are based on a military grade chasis and rugged component engineering design.

Our efforts have paid off, as all of our initial units in the field are still operational.  


Baseline and Optional Features

   · PV Array:  3 x 300W 60 cell – 6-8+ kWh/Day

   · Battery Bank: 4 Gel/VRLA – 10.8 kWh 

   · Inverter/Charger: 4 kW Cont. / 12 kW Surge; 120 VAC/60Hz AC, Pure Sine Wave

   · Power Interfaces: 20 Amp outlet, 30 Amp Outlet, 50 Amp – AC charging Inlet

   · Battery Monitoring: Bluetooth Enabled Monitor & Volt Meter

   · Seawater Reverse Osmosis: 220 gallons per day of drinking water 

   · Feed Water Delivery5 GPM, Self-Priming, Run Dry Tolerant

   · ChassisHigh quality, corrosion resistant, single piece enclosure; 

                         US DOT certified:     MCO & VIN#

   · Warranty: 12 Month Limited, 60 Month prorated battery warranty

· Options: 

  • PV array: Up to 2.6 kW
  • Battery Bank: Up to 25 kWh
  • DC Charging: 12V socket; USB outlet
  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis: 375 gal/day; more on request

General Specifications

 Dimensions: 13′ Long, 6′ High, 7′ Wide

Weight: Starts at 1,650 lbs

Inside Storage Volume: Approx 65 cu  ft

DC Bus Voltage: 24 Volt (converter to

                        12V available as an option)



Accepts power from multiple sources

Have a generator you want to use to supplement the solar energy collection?  

Occasional power from another source?

Just plug into the “shore power” interface (like on a boat) and you can take advantage of other sources of Ac electricity. This allows you to run a generator part time, storing the energy you aren’t using so that you have shorter run time, less noise, less emission, and less fuel use.

Military Grade Chassis

Where there is sun, there is weather.  This chassis used special treatments and high grade stainless steel hardware to withstand the elements, including salt near coastal environments.  The seamless welded chassis provides durability and eliminates joints that are the usual source of weakness and corrosion.

Click below to learn more about our manufacturing partner.Growler Manufacturing and Engineering

Long Life of Power Delivery

The panels have a useful life of around 20 years.  Battery life is typically 5 – 10 years, depending on how many deep cycles they experience, and can be replaced when necessary.  Which means that the unit will deliver many years of electricity to meet you power needs.


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