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Will a Coyle generator power a food truck?

Yes, typically… unless your food truck is running a bank of several microwaves, 2 freezers and a hot plate. Our CM4-B is ideally suited to handle even tough surge loads from multiple devices up to 4000 Watts (surge 8000W). That unit also has 13kWh of storage to carry you through and can be connected to AC power sources, as well as interconnect and control auto start modules on backup diesel generators to convert them to ” Smart Gensets” (if you’re running low on a cloudy day). . As always, we like to have a good understanding of your specific situation and power requirements. That allows us to double the inverter stack, if necessary or provide additional power generation if needed. We’d be happy to optimize one of our standard units to suit your specific needs. 

Why are your units more expensive than competitors like EcoFlow, Bluetti, GoalZero and the like?
The long answer is, they’re not! Simply put, Coyle solar generators are built to last. We design our units to be the most robust, rugged and durable units on the market. It’s why we opted for USA made components instead of cheaper alternatives from China and it’s why our equipment is purpose built and American Engineered using high gauge American steel box assemblies with Zinc-based phenolic protective coatings. We use high quality inverters that have been tested by us in the field for more than 15 years, which can withstand the intense vibrations related to stowing, towing and commercial use.