Mobile RO Water Treatment

Mobile RO Water Treatment

Clean water, on tap.

Natural disasters will never disrupt you or your neighbor’s water supply again. Our CM6 Watermate can turn seawater into 220 gallons of fresh water per day… for free! Or even more upon request.

Water without plastic water bottles

The Solar Watermate delivers water anywhere you need it. Take water from any source – ocean, floodwater, lake – Our system accepts it all.

Deliver electricity when you need it.
Clean energy from the sun. No noise or dangerous fumes from constantly running gas generators.

Feed Water Delivery: 5 GPM, Self-Priming, Run Dry Tolerant

PV Array: As shown – 900 Watts (3 – 300W, 60 cell panels) – Typical 5-7 kWh/day

Options: Up to 2.6 kW (Up to 8 – 330W, 60 cell panels) – Typical 14-21 kWh/day