CP2 – Preorder now!

CP2 - Preorder now!

Get your order in for this incredible unit

Coyle Solar
Model Specifications

  • Integrated PV Array: 5 – 170 Watt Semi-
    flexible Mono Crystalline modules;
  • Integrated Power System: 3000 Watt
    hybrid bidirectional Inverter -115Vac
    60Hertz/230Vac 60Hertz-60Amp MPPT
  • Integrated ESS: one 24Vdc 100Ah LifePo4
    – (2.4 KwHr – option for: 2 battery – 4.8
    KwHr, or 4 battery 9.6 KwHr)
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Integrated plastic waterproof enclosure
  • Integrated NEMA 5-20R 120VAC dual USB
    receptacle/30 Amp Twist lock Outlet 120
  • Integrated wet locations Outlet Cover
  • Integrated 120VAC 20Amp Inlet (240VAC

Coyle Solar has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Solar Group LLC in Evergreen, Colorado for the exclusive market development contract for the new and highly anticipated CP2 “Certus”. We are now accepting “first come, first served” reservations for this highly anticipated product launch.