US Military Grade Manufacturing & Assembly

US Military Grade Components.

Growler Manufacturing & Engineering


Growler is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned, HUBZone, ISO9001:2008 certified small business located in Star North Carolina. Growler was founded in 1999 and has grown into a leading manufacturer and remanufacturer of heavy duty and light industrial equipment, including MV-22 Internally Transportable Vehicles (ITVs), MV-22 Light Strike Vehicles (M1161 and M1163) (LSVs), Ground Support Equipment (GSE), and next generation Munitions handling trailers (Navy/Marine Corps A/M32K-10 (K-10) and A/M32U-21 (U-21)), Customs Border Patrol Sensor and Surveillance trailers, and other specialized dollies, adapters, and ground support equipment.

Our Solar Panels:

Superior power-to-weight ratio


We source our custom designed solar panels from a southern state manufacturer whose primary customer is the US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Army. Our fiberglass fused and mesh backed panels are waterproof, operate at 24% efficiency and extremely light and generate up to 170 watts each. This allows our solar generator arrays to some of the most powerful, durable and most efficient panels in the industry.

Quality Manufacturing

ISO 9001:2008




» Our CM2, CM4 and CM6 units are built on a single welded steel chassis.

» Great care is put into the design of a superior suspension & balanced tow or haul experience


Rugged Warranty!

5 Years Unlimited


  • Ultra durable panels
  • Rugged over-spec wiring
  • Superior Hybrid Inverter
  • Excellent BMS power control


» Warranty covers battery failures but with exception to batteries that have cycled more than 2,500 times.

» Full warranty on the chassis and assembly

» Full manufacturer‘s warranty of the panels and inverter.