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About Coyle Solar

Mack Coyle

“We simply must change the way we think about our power and water sources.”

The need for clean, decentralized power generation and water purification has never been more critical to our society’s ability to respond to today’s most daunting risks: 


• Natural disasters associated with climate change

• A world-wide epidemic of waterborne diseases 

• The dangers to our home health and environment of fossil-fuel burning power generation. 

• The frailty of our gasoline and diesel supply chain

• PFAS/PFOA contamination


Despite our understanding that fossil fuel generators are more costly, more ecologically detrimental, offer dirty power that can damage sensitive equipment like computers, medical equipment, and produce a host of health problems like hearing loss and fatigue to humans and animals alike… More than 15 million of these kinds of generators were sold in the United States in 2016! This insanity has to stop!


Fortunately, the cost of a cleaner alternative continues to decline, and governmental incentives still exist to help homeowners and businesses switch to a truly superior alternative that leverage the free power of the sun. Expansive battery solutions now have eliminated the age-old perception that the sun is unreliable and that solar doesn’t work in poor weather. Today, we can use solar to charge powerful batteries which run critical loads for days without sunshine and can reduce of dependence on fossil fuels. Please help us to change the human condition and build the resiliency we need to thrive!




Your Future

Our History: 25 Years of Innovation

Since 1996, we have been obsessed with the potential of personal solar power to change the human condition.


So much has changed since then! Battery chemistry has evolved and huge global demand has made economies of scale a reality, thereby reducing the acquisition and operating costs of solar power generators. For years we produced hand-made generators and tinkered with the changing technology. In 2015 with our great partner Growler Manufacturing, we produced our first CM6 chassis mobile solar generators. In 2021, we had sold enough generators to begin the process of scaling our operation to the nation, and to the world!


1 in every 20 Units

We donate 1 unit for every 20 units we sell = to humanitarian causes and disaster zones and communities.





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Changing the

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