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What, How, Where?

For anyone interested in our game changing CM2-B solar generator, we recommend acting fast to secure yours! We have begun the production of the first 20 CM2-B units with 7.2kW hours of stored power and our amazing 850 watt solar generating array. We expect these first units to be delivered in delivered to our early bird customers before Christmas 2021. You will be notified of the exact delivery date 7-8 weeks after your deposit date.

Option #1:
You can choose to pre-order/reserve one of these units by making a $2500 deposit of the total $12,350 cost (before rebate). The remaining balance will be due one week prior to delivery. Option one also qualifies for our flexible 48 month financing plan.

Or, you can choose to pay the full amount upfront for an added discount of $2350 for a total price of $10,000.

Don’t forget the 26% tax credit!
If you use your CM2 for your residential home, you qualify for the federal ITC tax rebate of 26% … yielding a final purchase price of $9,136 for option#1 or $7,400 for option #2.

Any deposit or total purchase amount is fully refundable in the event of delayed or non-delivery.

Our CM2-B is also backed by our 10 year unlimited warranty.